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California Noodle Soup

This vegan soup recipe combines inspirations from the California roll, delightful Asian-inspired broth and fresh veggies. It’s also easy to make and doesn’t require any hard to find ingredients.  
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Fried Cakes

Artichoke Krab Cakes

These vegan crab cakes have the same look and texture as real lump crab cakes. The ingredients are similar except for the crab, of course, using soy sauce and vegan mayonnaise. Vegan mayo is...
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Italian Polenta Sandwiches

Here is a hearty, Italian inspired sandwich made using polenta that is fried directly into the pan versus first chilling and slicing. This cuts time down significantly. Instead of slathering the sandwich with mayonnaise,...
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Spinach Cannelloni

The difference between this vegan cannelloni recipe and the classic dairy version are the white ingredients. Ricotta is replaced by tofu and cashews and soy milk replace the butter and milk in the béchamel...
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Although crepes originated in France, they are a mainstay breakfast item around the world with each region having their own spin on this versatile food. These crepes are light, slightly crispy around the edges...
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Stuffing Bread

This vegan cornbread is a cross between southern style cornbread and savory sage stuffing. It goes well with soups, stews, chili or all by itself with a little maple syrup or agave. It is...
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Muffin McVegan

At home we call this healthy breakfast sandwich Muffin McVegan. If you are looking for fast, easy and filling vegan breakfast ideas this may be your new go-to. My daughter loves it, especially when...
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