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California Noodle Soup

This vegan soup recipe combines inspirations from the California roll, delightful Asian-inspired broth and fresh veggies. It’s also easy to make and doesn’t require any hard to find ingredients.  
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Pasta Mornay

When I first went vegan it was hard to imagine a vegan cheese sauce recipe that could taste anything like the classic made with butter, milk, and cheese. This healthy Mornay sauce comes close...
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Protein Fried Rice

This oil-free, fat-free and protein-rich fried rice makes good use of leftover rice and aging produce. My daughter, who used to complain that fried rice was not a meal, inspired this recipe. The resolve...
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Savory Pan-Cakes

Okonomiyaki Pancake

While my son and I were visiting Washington DC we came across a quaint neighborhood teahouse restaurant. On the menu was the Okonomiyaki Pancake. I ordered it and had the pleasure of watching the...
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Breakfast Parfait

This breakfast parfait recipe is the perfect pre-made meal for those who have little time in the morning. It is also an attractive dish to serve to guests at Sunday brunch or as a...
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Vegetable Broth

For this vegetable broth, start with a classic “mirepoix” (aka “Holy Trinity”) by saving all of the bits and ends of onions (including skins), celery and carrots in a container. When you have about...
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